Instream Flow Council Publications

The Instream Flow Council has developed a number of resources valuable in understanding the legal, scientific, and practical issues associated with providing adequate water for fish, wildlife and other ecological needs. Click on the links below or contact us at for more information.

Integrated Approaches to Riverine Resource Stewardship: Case Studies, Science, Law, People, and Policy, 2008
Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship, (revised edition), 2004
International Instream Flow Program Initiative, 2009
(free download)
Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship, 2002 – out of print
The Instream Flow Council (IFC) is also proud to make available e-reprints of the classic 1976 two-volume American Fisheries Society publication on instream flows and water levels.
Instream Flow Needs Volume I
Instream Flow Needs Volume II

2014 Supplemental Orsborn Foreword to 1976 AFS/ASCE Publication

Last Updated April 26, 2021