International Instream Flow Program Initiative

Protecting and Restoring Rivers and Lakes in North America.

Trends, challenges, and opportunities for doing a better job.


On behalf of the entire IIFPI team we want to share the last of the project’s productions with you. The summary report was written to condense the information in the complete IIFPI report and previous IFC books into a relatively short feature article-type document for the general public with the hope that it might be easier to read and understand than the books and reports upon which it’s based. The lead author for this document was Chris Madson who is the editor and publications supervisor of the Wyoming Wildlife magazine.

The complete report provides the full assessment of methods, laws, policies, public involvement features of all state and (most) provincial fish and wildlife agencies presented by regions in the U.S. and Canada.  This document also has suggestions for ways agencies can become more effective at managing rivers and lakes in their jurisdictions.

We hope you find these reports interesting and helpful in promoting your efforts to improve the effectiveness of the fish and wildlife agencies in your state or province on matters related to instream flow or water management for fish and wildlife. We anticipate that these reports may be especially valuable as a tool to help inform and motivate the public with whom agencies work and upon whom they depend for supporting agency efforts.

Completion of this report officially brings the International Instream Flow Program Initiative project to a close. We have accomplished a great deal with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sport Fish Restoration grant we were privileged to use for this effort. The original grant proposal prescribed a single weeklong workshop and one main report. Over the course of the project, two extensive agency surveys were done, that helped guide the weeklong workshop. Data and information from those exercises were used to write detailed individualized agency assessment reports for each participant, condensed versions of those reports for each participating agency’s director, the main national and regional assessment report, and this report that is intended for the general public. If you have questions about this project please don’t hesitate to contact any of the authors of the main report. And please feel free to share your thoughts or feedback you get from others on this report, or any IFC products, with the authors or members of the Instream Flow Council.


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International Instream Flow Program Initiative 2009  - Summary ...

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