2014 Supplemental Orsborn Foreword to 1976 AFS/ASCE Publication

The Instream Flow Council (IFC) is proud to make available e-reprints of the classic 1976 two-volume American Fisheries Society1 publication2 on instream flows and water levels.

1 The Instream Flow Council (IFC) appreciates permission received from the American Fisheries Society (AFS) to reproduce and post this e-reprint publication. Note: the current e-print version posted is not an optical character recognition (OCR) version. A supplemental OCR version will be posted in the future.

2 Recommended E-reprint citation:

Orsborn, J. F. and C. H. Allman. 1976. Editors. Proceedings of the Symposium and Specialty Conference on Instream Flow Needs: Solutions to technical, legal and social problems caused by increasing competition for limited streamflow. Volume I & Volume II. Presented by the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society and Power Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers at the Rodeway Inn-Boise, ID. May 3-6, 1976. Published by American Fisheries Society (AFS). Bethesda, MD. Instream Flow Council (IFC) E-reprint edition posted with AFS permission.

2014 Supplemental Foreword by J.F. Orsborn. Port Ludlow, WA.

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