Integrated Approaches to Riverine Resource Stewardship:

Case Studies, Science, Law, People, and Policy


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The Instream Flow Council is proud to have published Integrated Approaches to Riverine Resource Stewardship: Case Studies, Science, Law, People, and Policy (2008). The IFC is an organization comprised of instream flow professionals from state and provincial fish and wildlife agencies, working to improve the effectiveness of instream flow programs for conserving aquatic resources. Authored by 9 instream flow specialists from these agencies in the U.S. and Canada, as well as a legal expert from the University of Nebraska, this book provides a detailed description of several case studies of riverine ecosystem management throughout North America as well as several other related topics. In addition to the detailed descriptions of 8 specific case studies, you will also find examples of monitoring techniques and adaptive environmental assessment and management. Additionally there is a comprehensive discussion of advancing the state-of-the-practice for instream flow studies. One of the most important aspects of riverine resource management is the law and there is a complete chapter devoted to an in-depth discussion on the legal tools for instream flow protection for many states and provinces at both the state / provincial and federal levels. And finally, there is guidance on training and some suggestions on research needs.
This truly is a unique resource intended to help not only the IFC membership better fulfill their legal natural resource stewardship and public trust responsibilities, but also agency managers, other instream flow practitioners and anyone who is involved in water management. It should also serve as an excellent reference text for university courses dealing with this complex subject. In the words of respected educator, attorney and author on water rights and instream flow Larry MacDonnell:
As we move into a time in which people increasingly care about rivers and their health, the need for books like this increases. The IFC is providing a much needed service by its efforts to educate and inform the growing number of people involved in the work of restoring and protecting rivers. Integrated Approaches to Riverine Resource Stewardship-Case Studies, Science, Law, People, and Policy is the perfect next step after Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship. It provides concrete examples of what is being done and how it is being done. It is a handbook for action and for inspiration.





Last Updated February 22, 2023