The following resources related to instream flows available from Instream Flow Council member agencies, IFC members and partners are provided here to advance the mission of the IFC.

Resources available from member agencies


Instream Flow Protection in Alaska, 2012 report

Surface-Water Data Manual


Surface Water Allocation Directive (2019)

A Desktop Method for Establishing Environmental Flows in Alberta River and Streams (2011)

Alberta Desktop Method fact sheet (2011)

British Columbia

Backgrounder to British Columbia Instream Flow Guideline Documents

Instream flow thresholds for fish and fish habitat as guidelines for reviewing proposed water uses SYNOPSIS

Development of instream flow thresholds as guidelines for reviewing proposed water uses

Guidelines for the collection and analysis of fish and fish habitat data for the purpose of assessing impacts from small hydropower projects in British Columbia

Assessment Methods for Aquatic Habitat and Instream Flow Characteristics in Support of Applications to Dam, Divert, or Extract Water from Streams in British Columbia

British Columbia’s new Living Water Smart Plan

Water Use Planning – Ministry of the Environment

Independent Review: Potential Impacts of Run-Of-River Power Hydroprojects on Salmonoids

Section 15 (Environmental Flow Needs) of the Water Sustainability Act


Instream Flows Policy

CA Instream Flow FAQ on Methods and Models

CDFW Instream Flow Program

CDFW Instream Flow Program SOPs and QA/QA Documents

California Water Action Plan – Enhance Water Flows in Stream Systems Statewide


Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Instream Flow Program


Connecticut Stream Flow Standards and Regulations

Water Diversion Program

Connecticut State Water Plan


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Agency Action Plan: Establishment of Minimum Flows and Levels for Florida’s Lakes, Rivers, Springs, and Estuaries


The Watershed Health Assessment Framework

Habitat Suitability Criteria for Fishes and Mussels of Minnesota

Reconnecting Rivers: Natural Channel Design in Dam Removal and Fish Passage

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Instream Flow Program

New Hampshire Instream Flow Blog

North Carolina

Instream Flow Unit


Aquatic Ecosystem Assessments for Rivers

Streamflow Analysis and Assessment Software (SAAS)


White Paper: Peak and Ecological Flow; a Scientific Framework for Implementing Oregon HB 3369


Environmental Flows Assessment in Texas

Texas Instream Flow Program

Texas Instream Flow Studies: Technical Overview

The Science of Instream Flows:A Review of the Texas Instream Flow Program


Instream Flows in Washington


Wyoming Instream Flow Statute

State of Wyoming Instream Flow Filings

Related national and international resources

Instream flow bibliography compiled and maintained by Hal Beecher (Updated Oct 11, 2016).

Southern Instream Flow Network Wiki

Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (look under “Programs” for instream flow items)

Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative (look under “Research” for instream flow items)

South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (look under “Conservation Blueprint” then “Supporting Projects” for instream flow items)

Framework for Assessing the Ecological Flow Requirements to Support Fisheries in Canada (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Science Advisory Report 2013/017)

State of Washington Department of Ecology – Watershed Management

Washington State Conservation Commission – Irrigation Efficiencies Grant Program

State of Washington Department of Ecology – Office of Columbia River

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