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Accepted Posters

  1. Title Improving Understanding Through Synthesizing Environmental Flow Needs Data in Water Scarce Regions
    Author Kelly Mott Lacroix, University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center
    Coauthors Brittany Xiu, University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center
    Elia Tapia, University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center
    Abraham E. Springer, School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, Northern Arizona University
    Sharon B. Megdal, University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center
  2. Title Using Raster Plots to Display Aquatic Habitat Time Series Results
    Author Thomas Gast, Thomas Gast & Associates Environmental Consultants
    Coauthors Richard Koehler, PhD, PH, CEO,Visual Data Analytics, LLC
  3. Title Environmental Flow Measures in FERC Relicensing of Sierra Nevada Hydropower Projects: Concepts and Case Studies
    Author Amy Lind, USDA Forest Service, Tahoe and Plumas National Forests
    Coauthors Carol Purchase, USDA Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest
    Sarah Yarnell, Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California, Davis
  4. Title Restoring Dagatan Lake, Philippines: A Partnership for fisheries resource conservation
    Author Adelaida L. Palma, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
  5. Title Ecological flow determination of Mezcalapa River based on two Mexican environmental flow indexes with hydraulic and hydrologic considerations
    Author Talisia Anai Domínguez-Sánchez, National Autonomous University of Mexico
    Coauthors Jorge Lomelí-Meza – National Autonomous University of Mexico
    Laura A. Ibáñez-Castillo, Autonomous University of Chapingo
    María Antonieta Gómez Balandra, Mexican Institute of Water Technology
  6. Title Using near infrared satellite imagery to determine aquatic conditions
    Author Steve Boessow, Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
    Coauthors Dr. Hal Beecher, WDFW
    Jonathan Kohr, WDFW
    Dr. Robert Vadas, Jr., WDFW
  7. Title Instream Flow Needs for Atlantic salmon – A conceptual approach applied
    Author Eva Enders, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    Coauthors Keith Clarke, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    David Scruton, Sikumiut Environmental Management Limited
  8. Title Assessing the Ecological Impacts of Water Extraction on Stream Hydrology and Alberta’s Fish Community Structure and Function
    Author Kyle Hamilton, University of Alberta
    Coauthors Dr. Mark Poesch, University of Alberta
  9. Title The Mexican environmental flow standard (scoping and applications)
    Author Maria Antonieta Gomez-Balandra, Mexican Institute of Water Technology
    Coauthors Maria del Pilar Saldaña-Fabela
    Sergio Rodríguez-Torres
  10. Title Heritage rivers in Puerto Rico: An approach for river conservation
    Author Francisco Catalá Míguez, Department of Environmental and Natural Resources of Puerto Rico
    Coauthors Leonela Torrado González
    Francisco Catalá Míguez
    Sofía Burgos Caraballo
  11. Title The Blue River of South-central Oklahoma
    Author Kimberly Elkin, The Nature Conservancy
    Coauthors Jona Tucker, The Nature Conservancy
  12. Title A Comprehensive, High Resolution Assessment of Streamflow Degradation and Restoration in the Western United States
    Author Emily Maynard Powell, The Nature Conservancy
    Coauthors Michelle Faggert, University of Virginia
    Tyler Lystash, University of Virginia
    Brian D. Richter, The Nature Conservancy
  13. Title Implementing Oregon’s statewide strategy: Using flow prescriptions to protect instream needs while developing new water storage
    Author Rachel Lovell Ford, Oregon Water Resources Department
    Coauthors Danette Faucera, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Tim Hardin, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Smita Mehta, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
    Wade Peerman, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
    Heather Tugaw, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  14. Title Application of Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Models in Riparian Community Function
    Author Jarvis Caldwell, HDR
    Coauthors Andrew McCoy, PhD. HDR
    Patty Hardesty, HDR
  15. Title VarQ Flood Risk Management at Libby and Hungry Horse Dams is Benefitting the Fisheries
    Author Brian Marotz, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  16. Title Flow-Ecology Relationships from Eight Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM) Studies for Use in Virginia State Water Plan
    Author Kinsey Hoffman, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
    Coauthors W. Cully Hession, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
    Robert Burgholzer, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
    Donald Orth, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech
    Durelle Scott, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
  17. Title Documenting Stream Corridor Conditions: A New Approach for Showing Changes Related to Instream Flow and Other Habitat Management Issues in Hawaii
    Author Glenn R. Higashi, Division of Aquatic Resoources, DLNR
    Coauthors James E. Parham, Ph.D., Parham & Associates Environmental Consulting, LLC.
  18. Title Uncertainty of Physical Habitat Models Due to ADCP-Derived Inputs
    Author Tad Schwager, Amec Foster Wheeler
  19. Title Supporting uncertain decisions using Instream Flow Studies
    Author Pier van Dishoeck, Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure
  20. Title Determining fish productivity compensation at a proposed mine site in remote Yukon using Instream Flow Incremental Methodology
    Author Eric Cleveland, Palmer Environmental Consulting Group
    Coauthors Steve Eggers, Normandeau Associates, Inc.
    Scott Riley, Normandeau Associates, Inc.
  21. Title Application of Underwater Cameras for Main Channel Bed Material Gradation Determination on a Large River Seasonally Supplied by Glacial Runoff
    Author Ryan Kilgren, Tetra Tech
    Coauthors Bill Fullerton, Tetra Tech
    Thomas Loecherbach, Tetra Tech
  22. Title Incorporating Environmental Flows into Land Use Planning Decisions
    Author Cassie Corrigan, Credit Valley Conservation
    Coauthors Dr. Andrea Bradford, University of Guelph
  23. Title Update of EPA Region 4’s Water Efficiency Guidelines for CWA Section 404 Review of Proposed Water Supply Projects
    Author Rosemary Hall, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4; Water Protection Division; Oceans, Wetlands, & Streams Protection Branch
  24. Title Poor Little Pecks Brook: Balancing lake goals and downstream needs in an urban watershed
    Author Laila Parker, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration
    Coauthors Michelle Craddock, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration
    Todd Richards, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
    Allison Roy, University of Massachusetts
    Mike Cole, Cole Ecological Inc.
  25. Title 2-D Hydroynamic modeling of riverine fish habitat: Assiniboine River sites, Manitoba, Canada
    Author Haitham Ghamry, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Coauthors Christos Katopodis, Katopodis Ecohydraulics Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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