“The Public Trust Doctrine (PTD) and its Application for Protecting Instream Flows” video series

These videos (PTD 101-104) are a product of the 2nd “National Instream Flow Program Assessment (NIFPA) Project Workshop” held March 5th & 6th 1996 at Denver, Colorado.  The NIFPA Project lead to the formation of the Instream Flow Council (IFC).  These PTD presentations relate to IFC core values (https://www.instreamflowcouncil.org/about/) and collectively serve as a PTD historical background reference.

PTD 101:  Introduction to the Public Trust Doctrine (1hr. 19 min.)  PTD 101 is subdivided into 2 parts: 101A & 101B.  PTD 101A (ends @ ~51 min. 11 sec.) and is followed by the PTD 101B segment (~28 min. length).


PTD 102:  Perspectives on Water Law Doctrines (1 hr. 2 min.)


PTD 103A:   PTD Case Histories



PTD 104:  Q&A (1hr. 23min.)


Last Updated January 12, 2022