“State of the Art” Panel Papers

The FLOW 2008 conference included a panel discussion on the “State of the Art” in instream/environmental flow science, policy, and public dialogue, respectively. The panelists and moderator prepared papers in advance that were briefly summarized at the conference and submitted as a “featured collection” to the Journal of the American Water Resources Association after the conference.

We thank Brian Richter, Geoffrey Petts, Larry MacDonnell, and Mark Smith for their hard work and insights in preparing these papers.



Review the papers by clicking on the links below:


Flow 2008 - SOA - Introduction 29.38 KB 174 downloads

Instream Flows: Taking Measure of the Distance We Have Traveled and Envisioning the Road Ahead Author(s):...

Flow 2008 - SOA - Science 92.75 KB 170 downloads

Instream-Flow Science For Sustainable River Management Author(s): Geoffrey E Petts Vice Chancellor (President),...

Flow 2008 - SOA - Policy 77.16 KB 177 downloads

State of the Art Panel Policy for Instream Flow Protection Author(s): Lawrence J. MacDonnell Attorney...

Flow 2008 - SOA - Public Dialogue 103.01 KB 193 downloads

Finding Common Ground: How Advocacy Coalitions Succeed in Protecting Environmental Flows Author(s):...

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