Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship

The Instream Flow Council is proud to announce the release of the revised edition of its book, “Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship (2004)”. The first edition was published in March 2002 and sold out two printings without any promotion. Agency managers, consultants, academicians, legal experts, and libraries all found the book a valuable resource. In response to the many positive comments received, a revised edition was published to add new text, reorganize the content, and provide over 100 illustrations to better describe the concepts of instream flow management.

The revised edition represents nearly 5 years of dedication from its 16 state and provincial fish and wildlife agency authors from across the U.S. and Canada. This truly is a one-of-a-kind resource intended to help agency managers and other instream flow practitioners better fulfill their legal natural resource stewardship and public trust responsibilities. In the words of respected instream flow authority Don Tennant:

Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship is by far the best treatise on the subject of instream flows to date. The material in the book represents an exhaustive treatment of a very complex and highly technical subject. It frequently, and appropriately, stresses the importance of addressing five riverine components (i.e., hydrology, biology, geomorphology, water quality, and connectivity) and three policy components (legal, institutional and public involvement) when developing, commenting on, or designing instream flow programs. . . . . The numerous IFC position statements and critical opinions highlighted throughout the book will definitely be a considerable help to agencies and others who have long sought such statements. There is truly something here to address almost every instream flow issue or opportunity.

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Recommended citation

Annear, T., I. Chisholm, H. Beecher, A. Locke, P. Aarrestad, C. Coomer, C. Estes, J. Hunt, R. Jacobson, G. Jöbsis, J. Kauffman, J. Marshall, K. Mayes, G. Smith, R. Wentworth, and C. Stalnaker. 2004. Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship, Revised Edition. Instream Flow Council, Cheyenne, WY. 268 pp.

Last Updated June 14, 2021