Dr. Donald J. Orth: Making a Difference Award (2008)

In the early 1980s Dr. Don Orth published a series of papers evaluating instream flow methods, addressing the hard questions about what they meant. His articles were among the first independent reviews of the methods then available, landmark contributions to instream flow science. Since then he has continued prolific, valuable, and groundbreaking contributions to instream flow science through a number of publications. His scientific contributions have received considerable international scientific recognition, including American Fisheries Society Best Paper Award. He has served on the editorial board of Rivers, a journal dedicated to instream flow, and of two of the American Fisheries Society journals. As an author of chapters in books on fish habitat and fish habitat measurement, he firmed up the foundations of instream flow science.

Equally important, and based partly upon his contributions to instream flow science, Don Orth has mentored many of today’s instream flow practitioners in North America, and his influence extends internationally. Over 10% of the Instream Flow Council member agencies have been directly influenced by Don Orth, as students who took his courses and in some cases had him as graduate advisor at Virginia Tech University now serve key roles in implementation of instream flow management in those agencies. Don’s teaching excellence has been recognized through several teaching awards at Virginia Tech, and former students speak very enthusiastically about his mentoring. Don has recognized the importance of instream flow as an interdisciplinary endeavor, supporting the Instream Flow Council’s applied focus.

For his ongoing contributions to the science, practice, and practitioners of instream flow, the Instream Flow Council is proud to present its Making a Difference Award to Professor Donald J. Orth.

Presented October 8, 2008 in San Antonio, Texas, at FLOW 2008

Last Updated May 13, 2019